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Unnatural Act of Forgiveness

Jack Kings latest release on forgiveness Sometimes forgiveness just doesn’t seem fair. Who deserves our forgiveness? Why shouldn’t we expect others to accept responsibility, be held accountable and pay, or suffer the consequences of their actions?
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Murder for Hire

It is amazing how, in one moment of time, your entire life and direction is brought to a standstill and re-directed because of another persons decision to carry out the hate, anger and revenge in their own heart.
Then I became enraged, full of anger, hate and revenge with a passio…
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Treasure “New-Release”

Uncovering Patterns and Principles That Create Prosperity
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This is a teaching from 1997 that Dr. Cole did to re-teach Max Man. It has been remastered both video and audio in DVD. It’s a great tool to introduce the curriculum to your men.
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You may be male by birth, but you become a man by choice. We welcome you to take the challenge of being a Maximised Man.

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