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This page is designed to be a communication tool to men around the United State and the world. Here you  will find churches, groups of men and individuals who are mentoring and discipling men with Edwin Louis Cole’s Majoring in Men Curriculum. Faithful Men Ministries works through the local church. We believe God’s pattern is for the pastor to disciple his men and the men to disciple their families. We believe God’s vehicle is the local church and we will do everything possible to help the pastors disciple his men to be everything God created them to be.

If you are using these materials and would like to be included here so that other men can find your groups and when you meet click here. We have hundreds of calls a year from men moving to various states and want to know where they can attend church and be a part of a men’s group using these materials in your city.

South Africa

Church: Kaleideo
Location: Kempton Park, GP Contact: Pastor Emille Steyn
Address: Fiskaal Str. 32, Glen Marais Phone: +27 11 391 2621
City, St: Kempton Park, GP Email:

Notes: Our vision is to colour our world with the wisdom of God.

Starting the Majoring in Men Curriculum, we are excited about the work God is doing in the hearts of men. PRAISE GOD!


Church: Lamb of God Bible Church
Location: Flagstaff, AZ Contact: Pastor Michael Tenpenny
Address: Phone:
City, St: Flagstaff, AZ Email: None

Notes: Using the Majoring in Men Curriculum and after our “Warriors Conference” in September (12-14) with Jack King, we now have active in our church 16 mentoring groups with 91 men meeting at different times throughout the week.

Included in these groups are 2 pastors from different churches and they are learning the method to reach their men. PRAISE GOD!

Church: Blueridge Christian Center
Location: Blueridge Christian Center Contact: Mike Kludt
Address: 184 W. White Mt. Blvd. Phone: 928-537-0396
City, St: Lakeside, AZ Email:
Website: None

Notes: We will start “strong Men in Tough Times” Thurs, May 5th 6:30pm

Church: City in the Desert
Location: Litchfield Park, AZ Contact: Pastor Sam Leap
Address: Phone:
City, St: Litchfield Park, AZ Email:
Website: None

Notes: God is raising up faithful men who He will make able ministrers.

Church: Phoenix First Assembly
Location: Phoenix, AZ Contact:
Address: Phone:
City, St: Phoenix, AZ Email: None

Notes: Men meeting weekly across the city going through the Majoring in Men Curriuculum. Real Men Ministries, Ken Madden, men’s Minister, Phoenix First Assembly men meets Thursday morning 6am @ Denny’s Scottsdale

Church: Northern Hills Community Church
Location: Phoenix, AZ Contact: Pastor Dale Gross
Address: 2740 E. Union Hills Dr Phone: 602-482-8140
City, St: Phoenix, AZ Email:

Notes: Men’s Groups Every Tuesday morning 6am and Thursday Evening 7pm

Church: City in the Desert
Location: Tempe, AZ Contact: Pastor Eddie Stockton
Address: Phone:
City, St: Tempe, AZ Email:
Website: None

Notes: God has provided some men who are faithful and are being made able ministers.

Church: First Baptist Church
Location: Camp Verde, AZ Contact: Noah Green
Address: 401 Camp Lincoln Road Phone: 928-606-4996
City, St: Camp Verde, AZ Email:

Notes: We meet every Wednesday night 6:00 – 7:30 pm.

Church: Gateway Community Church
Location: Tse Bonito NM Contact: Michael Nelson II
Address: PO Box 448 Phone: 928-871-4571
City, St: Window Rock, AZ Email:
Website: None

Notes: Our Godly men meet every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm to 8:00pm. All men are welcome!!



Church: New Day Ministries
Location: Middletown, MD Contact: Pastor Doug Clarke
Address: 100 North Church Street Phone: 301-620-9909
City, St: Middletown, MD Email:

Notes: We run classes throughout the year @ the church. I also work w/several other men in various churches & @ the local mission w/the curriculum being taught. Hence, there are different days/times/books ongoing.

Church: Centennial Methodist  
Location: Frederick MD. Contact: David Johnson
Address: 8 west 2nd street Phone: 301 748 5166
City, St: Frederick, MD Email: DGJOHNSONCRANE@AOL.COM
Website: None  

Notes: Breakfast and fellowship the 1st Satuday of each month. Thursday and Friday night classes.



Church: Victory Chapel  
Location: Arcadia, CA Contact: Pastor Ron Fraker
Address: 805 N. First Ave. Phone: 626-447-8471
City, St: Arcadia, CA Email:
Website: None  

Notes: We are meeting every Thursday night at 7pm. Call or email if you have any further questions.

Church: Creekside Community Church  
Location: Sonora, CA Contact: Pastor Tom Mohler or Pastor Bill Grogan
Address: 13650 Bergel Road Phone: 209-532-3205
City, St: Sonora, CA Email:

Notes: Our men meet on Tuesday nights @ 6:00 pm at the church.

Church: Skyline Church  
Location: Near San Diego, CA Contact:
Address: Phone:
City, St: , CA Email: None

Notes: Over 300 men meeting on Moday nights going through the Majoring in Men Curriculum. Check out: Skyline Church Men’s University – Majoring in Manhood

Church: North Park Christian Fellowship  
Location: NPCF Contact: Bobby Najera
Address: 2901 North Park Way Phone: 619-850-9628
City, St: San Diego, CA Email:

Notes: We meet Wednesday nights at 6:30pm to 8:30pm. We will be starting the Sexual Integrity study beginning 11-12-08 for 7 weeks



Church: Christ Worship Center  
Location: Woodbridge, VA Contact: Pastor Rob Hrabak or Elder Richard Moats
Address: 2230-D Tacketts Mill Dr Phone: 703-580-1000
City, St: Woodbridge, VA Email:

Notes: Men’s link The first Thurs of every month, men of all ages are taught Biblical principles on integrity & manhood using the Bible & the Majoring in Men curriculum. A certificate of completion is awarded to those who finish the courses & corresponding tests. Additionally, there are rallies @ different homes in the area w/testimonies from men on the changes taking place in their lives…food, fellowship, prayer & encouragement.

Church: Agape World Outreach Ministry  
Location: Pulaski, VA-SW of Roanoke Contact: Pastor Edward Slaughter
Address: Phone:
City, St: Pulaski, VA Email: None
Website: None  

Notes: We have just started using this curriculum and are already getting reports from some of the men, how Maximized Manhood has changed their lives. Thank you for this resource to help us build up faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

Church: Voice of Judah Ministries  
Location: Fredericksburg,Va Contact: Colin Main
Address: P.O. Box 8087 Phone: 540-419-4119
City, St: Fredericksburg, VA Email:
Website: None  

Notes: Voice of Judah Ministries in Fredericksburg,Va is holding Mens Groups the first Tuesday of every month, men of all ages are taught Biblical principles using the Bible & Faithful Men Materials We have just started Maximized Man

Church: Lake Gaston Christian Life Centre  
Location: Ebony, VA Contact: Gene Pate
Address: 1411 Robinson Ferry Rd. Phone: 804-920-7000
City, St: Ebony, VA Email:

Notes: We have just started using this curriculum and are already getting reports from some of the men (and women), how Maximized Manhood is impacting their lives. Currently meet Sunday mornings 9:30 – 10:30



Church: Hope Christian Center  
Location: Seymour, TN Contact: Tony Harrison
Address: 209 Ogle Rd Phone: 865-573-0123
City, St: Seymour, TN Email:

Notes: Meet in Fellowship Room Men: 7:00 PM – Monday Evening/Weekly Women: 6:00 PM – Sunday Evening/Weekly

Church: From Darkness to Light Ministries  
Location: Contact: Ken Gilleland
Address: PO Box 4293 Phone: 865-428-8892
City, St: Sevierville, TN Email:

Notes: Prison Ministry



Location: Colorado Springs, CO Contact: Pastor Mark Juvera
Address: Phone: 719-930-8519
City, St: Colorado Springs, CO Email:
Website: None  

Notes: For more information on when & where we meet, please contact me @ 719-930-8519 or

Church: Family Worship Center  
Location: Pueblo, CO Contact: Clarence Felzien
Address: 32 Wheatridge Dr Phone:
City, St: Pueblo, CO Email:
Website: None  

Notes: Meets monthly for breakfast, fellowship, a video teaching from the Christian Men’s Network and follow-up discussion. E-mail for details.

Church: MaximWarriors Ministries  
Location: Arvada, Colorado Contact: Mark Delahunt
Address: PO Box 746203 Phone:
City, St: Arvada, CO Email:

Notes: Discipling Men into true Christlikeness. We are running the Majoring in Men Curriculum through our local church venue. View us on our website for dates, times & locations.



Church: Grace World Outreach Church  
Location: brooksville, FL Contact: Bob Morton
Address: 20366 Cortez Blvd Phone: 352-796-3685
City, St: brooksville, FL Email:

Notes: All classes are at the Church -Sunday @ 9:00am -Tuesday @ 7:00am -Tueaday @ 7:00pm (two different classes) -Thursday @ 7:00pm (two different classes)



Church: Faith Center  
Location: Rockford, IL Contact: Pastor Don Lyon
Address: Phone:
City, St: Rockford, IL Email: None
Website: None  

Notes: Majoring in Men Monday or Wednesday, 6:30pm. The Faith Center Men’s Ministry is making a difference, and lives are being changed in the process. If you or someone you know is looking for a great class for men, we have just the answer. Join Tim Hill Monday nights @ 6:30pm as they teach a class entitled “Manhood to the Max” The 12-week class centers on helping you become a man who has the courage to live a righteous life. It will serve as a guide to equip and teach you family survival skills. The curriculum for both classes comes from “Maximized Manhood” and “Men Never Quit”, both written by Ed Cole. An advanced class is also taught on Monday nights by Keith Holden. The advanced class, which can be taken once you finish the first 12 weeks, focuses on the three common challenges in a relationship.



Church: Second Baptist Church  
Location: Indianapolis, IN Contact: Charles Hudson, Bill Hegwood or Kenny Pittman
Address: 3705 Kessler Blvd. N. Dr. Phone: 317-925-0335
City, St: Indianapolis, IN Email:

Notes: PPK Ministries (Prophet, Priest and King) Meetings Location: Second Baptist Church Sundays @ 9:30am Wednesdays @ 6:00pm Fridays @ 6:30pm Tuesdays @ 7:00am.

Church: The Laurel Church  
Location: Merrillville, IN-South of Gary Contact: Scott Bane
Address: Phone: 219-738-1991
City, St: Merrillville, IN Email:

Notes: The Laurel Church Ministries Men’s Ministry, “Fellowship of the Unashamed”, is committed to equipping men to be all that God has called them to be as Men, husbands, and fathers. Groups of men meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7:30pm for fellowship and bible studies using The Majoring in Men curriculum for men. For more information please contact: Scott Bane



Church: Abndant Life Ministries  
Location: Jefferson, IA Contact: Terry Lang
Address: 1308 W Lincolnway Phone:
City, St: Jefferson, IA Email:
Website: None  

Notes: Men meet every Saturday morning at 9am at the church. We are also using the curriculum in the North Central Correctional Facility (NCCF) in Rockwell City, IA as well as 3 other prisons in the area and are looking at getting into a 5th prison each week. Come join us as we “Build Men and Raise Sons”



Church: Hidden Springs Church  
Location: Howell, MI Contact: Pastor Dan Rhanor
Address: 5860 Latson Rd Phone: 517-546-3577
City, St: Howell, MI Email:

Notes: Men’s Meeting every Sunday night 6-8pm

Church: House of Prayer  
Location: Haslett, MI Contact: Lanny McCord
Address: 9974 East Old M-78 Phone: 517-339-6530
City, St: Haslett, MI Email:
Website: None  

Notes: Near Old M-78 at Woodbury Rd Men of Choice meet at the church every Tuesday evening 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Doing Majoring in Men Curriculum – Building Men & Raising

Church: Cornerstone Church  
Location: Okemos, MI Contact: Joey Reyes
Address: 3654 Okemos Road Phone: 517-347-7778
City, St: Okemos, MI Email: None
Website: None  

Notes: Men meet at the church every Thursday 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. Doing the Majoring in Men Curriculum, Discipline Sons to become Christlike Men of God Visitors Welcome.



Church: Hope Community Church  
Location: Springfield, MO Contact: Pastor Gary Hay
Address: 2121 Blackman Rd Phone: 417-882-5888
City, St: Springfield, MO Email:

Notes: We are meeting on Monday evenings @ 7pm at the church. We currently have about 70 guys going through Dr. Edwin Louis Cole’s Majoring in Men Curriculum.


New York

Church: Resurrection Life Fellowship  
Location: Eaton, NY Contact: Pastor John Camp
Address: 3191 Cole Rd Phone: 315-893-7877
City, St: Eaton, NY Email:
Website: None  

Notes: We meet Every Monday night @ 7pm. Email us if you would like to join us.

Church: Randallsville New Life Church  
Location: Randallsville, NY Contact: Pastor Jerry Saliba
Address: Phone: 315-824-5727
City, St: Randallsville, NY Email:




Church: Cornerstone Fellowship  
Location: Tahlequah, OK Contact: Keith Davis
Address: 718 Pendleton Phone: 918-456-4901
City, St: Tahlequah, OK Email:

Notes: Day and time of meetings: Every other Monday @ 7 PM. Location of group meetings: 20307 E. Allen Rd., Tahlequah, OK 74464.

Church: Abundant Life Fellowship  
Location: home of Larry Lawrence Contact: Larry Lawrence
Address: 609 Goingsnake st. Phone: 918-458-9451
City, St: Tahlequah, OK Email:
Website: None  

Notes: We are a group of men of all ages who meet together every mon. night at 7:00 to study, pray,fellowship,and speak into each others lives with the common goal of becoming Maximized Men!

Church: First Assembly of God  
Location: First Assembly of God Contact: Allen Legier
Address: 3229 S. Muskogee Ave. Phone: 918.456.0910
City, St: Tahlequah , OK Email:




Church: North Valley Christian Center  
Location: Central Point, OR Contact: Rance Smith
Address: Phone:
City, St: Central Point, OR Email: None
Website: None  

Notes: Rance Smith, Men’s Minister weekly men’s meetings



Church: Cross Timbers Church  
Location: Argyle, TX Contact: Pastor Toby Slough
Address: 1119 South US Hwy 377 Phone:
City, St: Argyle, TX Email:

Notes: Cross Timbers Church currently has 7 Men’s groups going through the Majoring in Men curriculum by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole. *Monday Evening 7pm – 3 groups *Thursday Morning 6am – 1 group *Saturday Morning 7am – 3 groups All Groups Meet @ the Church Come join us for great ministry & fellowship

Church: Victory Christian Center  
Location: Austin, TX Contact: Tara
Address: 7625 IH-35 North Phone:
City, St: Austin, TX Email:

Notes: Maximized Manhood Classes We are located at the southeast corner of IH-35 and Highway 183.

Church: Community Bible Church  
Location: San Antonio, TX Contact: Neil Fisher
Address: 16938 Hidden Oak Woods Phone:
City, St: San Antonio, TX Email:

Notes: Community Bible Church presently has two “men only” life groups. We have one meeting on Wednesday night & one on Thursday night, both at the church. Send me an email for more information about times.

Church: Second Chance Christian Fellowship  
Location: San Antonio, TX Contact: Pastor Marc Martinez
Address: 5730 Mobud Phone:
City, St: San Antonio, TX Email:

Notes: The Defenders Front-Line Men’s Ministry at Second Chance is currently meeting on Thursday nights at the church at 7:00pm. We have just moved into a new facility and are making plans to begin a bi-monthly Men’s fellowship that focuses on the Majoring in Men’s curriculum. Sr. Pastor Marc Martinez is a Commissioned Man through his Spiritual Father Pastor G. F. Watkins and the G-Men Ministries at Powerhouse Christian Center in Katy, Texas

Church: Powerhouse Christian Center  
Location: Katy, TX – Near Houston Contact: Pastor G. F. Watkins
Address: Phone:
City, St: Katy, TX Email: None

Notes: Over 365 men meeting in 60 meetings every week going through the Majoring in Men Curriculum. Check out the G-Men Strategy

Church: Metroplex Chapel  
Location: Euless, TX-Near DFW Airport Contact: Pastor Scott Fisher
Address: 601 E Airport Frwy Phone: 817-267-8000
City, St: Euless, TX Email: None


Church: Young Men For Christ  
Location: Colleyville, TX Contact: Gene Milsted
Address: 1803 Tarrant Ln, Suite 100 Phone:
City, St: Colleyville, TX Email:
Website: None  

Notes: We are currently meeting on the second Saturday of every month from 10am-noon with guys between the ages of 13-30 and having worship and ministry time. We are basically taking the model that Dr. Cole would do with the older men and targeting it toward younger men. We are having it at a warehouse off of Hwy 26.

Church: Gateway Church  
Location: Gateway Administrative Offices Contact: Ron DeArmond
Address: 500 S Nolen, Suite 300 Phone: 817.328.1000
City, St: Southlake, TX Email:
Website: http://http//  

Notes: Men’s Curriculum is offered through Gateway’s Equip classes. Please register on-line @

Church: Christian Center Ft. Worth  
Location: Christian Center Ft. Worth Contact: Raul Marquez
Address: 4301 N.E. 28th St Phone: 972-523-5294
City, St: Fort Worth, TX Email:

Notes: We meet on Sunday at 6 p.m and on Monday at 7 p.m. Both classes stay on the same lesson so you can attend either of those classes without falling behind. Please join us.

Church: Family Life Assembly of God  
Location: Church Contact: Sam Pearson
Address: Phone: 281 392-0637
City, St: Katy, TX Email:
Website: None  

Notes: Contact Sam Pearson 832 618-5901

Church: New Beginnings Church  
Location: Contact: Joe Stornello
Address: 1701 n fielder road Phone: 817265-7378
City, St: arlington, TX Email:

Notes: we meet in small groups on MO,TU,WE, SA contact the church for details





Church: Word of Life Christian Fellowship  
Location: spanaway, WA Contact: Pastor Jerry Meyer
Address: 224 S. 166th St. Phone: 253-538-7345
City, St: spanaway, WA Email:
Website: None  

Notes: Our men’s meeting time is Monday night at 7:00 pm-here at the church. We have a fellowship time before starting-playing pool, etc. All Are Welcome!



Church: Rhema Christian Center  
Location: Columbus, OH Contact: Pastor LaFayette Scales
Address: Phone:
City, St: Columbus, OH Email: None
Website: None  

Notes: Men meeting weekly across the city going through the Majoring in Men Curriculum.


North Carolina

Church: Faithful Men  
Location: New Bern, NC Contact: Pastor John Pierce
Address: Phone:
City, St: New Bern, NC Email:
Website: None  

Notes: FM Group meets each Thursday @ 7:00 pm at the church. We also use the Curriculum in two prison units. 100+ men are ministered to weekly. Building Men & Raising Sons!


New Mexico

Church: Gateway Community Church  
Location: Tse Bonito NM Contact: Michael Nelson II
Address: PO Box 178 Phone: 928-871-4571
City, St: Gallup, NM Email:
Website: None  

Notes: Men of God meet every Tuesday night from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. All men are welcome!!!



Church: Summer Grove U.N.Methodist  
Location: Church Rec Hall Contact: Walter Bison
Address: 9119 Dean Road Phone: 318-686-7123
City, St: Shreveport, LA Email:
Website: None  

Notes: Meeting each Wed. night at 6:00 P.M. Meal at 6:00 and study starts at 6:30 P.M. Out by 8:00 P.M. Thanks Walter Bison & Gary Williams



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