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Titus Touch Biblical Womanhood

Titus Touch Biblical Womanhood Curriculum

About TitusTouch 

TitusTouch Ministry began as, and continues to be, a labor of love to the Lord. Lisa Santagate, a wife, mother, teacher, and writer, penned her first lesson after years of independent Bible study and personal devotion. Drawing on her own life experiences, the tragedies and the triumphs, she subsequently authored a series of studies that addresses the heart, desire, and everyday challenge of the modern Christian woman. Written in a relational and personal style, Lisa brings the principles of God’s Word to you in a way that is thought-provoking yet easy to understand. Currently, the curriculum is implemented across the United States and in six nations around the world.

Curriculum books:

“The Wonder of Womanhood” Volume One- (107 pages ~ 12 lessons)

This foundational study will take you to the roots of your faith! For some, this may be the first time to encounter many of these principles. We discover…

- God’s Perfect Love

- The Importance of Surrender

- Love that Lasts

- Failure, Forgiveness, and Fruitfulness

- God’s Original Design

The principles of “Maximized Manhood” are studied – only just for women!


“The Strength of Womanhood” Volume Two- (123 pages ~ 12 lessons)

This theme of this study is “strength”. As women of God, we must receive His strength to support others, while experiencing and expressing His peace and love through the stresses and circumstances of life. We teach to:

- Strengthen women against an ungodly culture

- Instruct women in being godly examples

- Understand godly wisdom and honor

- Learn from failure, forgiveness, and fruitfulness

- Equip women to become women of influence

The principles of “Courage” are studied – only just for women!


“The Purity of Womanhood” Volume Three- (73 pages ~ 6 lessons)

The message of purity is one that is greatly needed today. Purity is expressed by both our behavior and our beliefs and is a reflection of our commitment and loyalty to Christ. This study addresses purity from many aspects including:

- The purpose of purity

- The importance of purity

- Purity of the heart

- Purity in relationships

- Guarding our purity

- Restoring purity in our lives

The principles of “Sexual Integrity” are studied – only just for women!


“The Vision of Womanhood” Volume Four- (117 pages ~ 12 lessons)

So many of us ask the questions, “Lord, why am I here? What is my purpose? What do You want me to accomplish in my time on earth?” This study is designed to help us find those answers.  Here is a sampling of the topics we will address:

- The characteristics of a God-given dream

- Keys to achieving our vision for life

- Overcoming obstacles to our vision

- Dealing with discouragement and delay

- Defining our purpose to fulfill our vision

The principles of “Power of Potential” are studied – only just for women!


“The Expressions of Womanhood” Volume Five- (108 pages ~ 12 lessons)

Every moment of every day, we express ourselves to others, in all different ways! It might be through our words, silence, a kind note or gift of appreciation. It might be through a hug or squeeze of a hand. This study explores several areas of expressing:

- Ourselves through words, actions, and prayer

- Ourselves through physical intimacy

- Ourselves through our financial stewardship

- God’s love through our communication

The principles of “Communication, Sex and Money” are studied – just for women!


“The Endurance of Womanhood” Volume Six- (126 pages ~ 12 lessons)

An exciting ~ and challenging ~ part of compiling each study is selecting an image for the cover that reflects the theme of that particular book. For this study, I believe that a diamond precisely illustrates the quality known as endurance. What is endurance?

Like a diamond, there are many facets. Like a diamond, pressure perfects it. It is lasting. It connotes persistence and patience. It speaks of composure during crisis, perseverance through problems, and temperance through life’s trials.

The principles of “Never Quit” are studied – only just for women!





“The Wisdom of Womanhood” Volume Seven- (118 pages ~ 12 lessons)

“Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom”  proclaims Proverbs (Proverbs 4:7).

And here is why: Through wisdom, we acquire discernment and understanding Through wisdom, we walk a righteous path

Through wisdom, we avoid evil.

Through wisdom, we live a life of peace.

The principles of “Real Man” are studied – only just for women!




“The Intercession of Womanhood” Volume Eight- (111 pages ~ 12 lessons)

There are few books with events as exciting as the Book of Esther. The Book of Esther offers not only a valuable chronological account, but also valuable spiritual lessons. Among other topics, we will study:

- The attributes of godly character

- The importance of patience and obedience

- The supremacy of God’s sovereignty

- The influence of prayer and intercession

The principles of Daniel for the men are studied, and the principles of Esther are studied – just for women!



“The Virtues of Womanhood” Volume Nine- (110 pages ~ 12 lessons)

Since “Unique Woman” was a such a personal expression of teaching by Dr. Cole and his wife Nancy, I felt it more appropriate to complete the Biblical Womanhood Series with a study of the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31.

Like a fine strand of pearls, her virtue has been added throughout her life as an adornment of her Christ-like character.

Even more exciting, we get to see the rewards of her godly lifestyle through the eyes of those closest to her!

Enjoy this verse by verse study of Proverbs 31- just for women!





Here are some quotes from women who have experienced the TitusTouch Biblical Womanhood Curriculum:

“Poignantly written, deeply received, sacrificially embraced…these are the words that express my TitusTouch Biblical Womanhood experience.” – Nancy K, California

“I wasn’t always happy to be a young girl, teenager or woman, always feeling I was lacking, didn’t measure up, out of place and just didn’t fit in with other women. Through the curriculum (TitusTouch) I have forged relationships with other women. I have learned from them, prayed and cried out to God with them…and them with me. Now I embrace who I am as a woman of God.” – Asha K, California

“For a long time I have desired an interactive bible study curriculum that would equip our women with the foundational truths of God’s word for their homes, husbands, children, and personal lives. Well, we have found it! Lisa, not only have you given us a powerful challenge and mandate but it is structured to fit into a women’s ever-increasing schedule. Thank you Lisa for sharing your gift in writing with this awesome women’s curriculum!”- Karen G, Texas (Women’s Pastor 25 years)

“The women always write how much this series has changed their lives and continually give thanks to Lisa Santagate for her diligence and obedience to God’s Word…and…it has completely changed my life!” -Linda H, Arizona

“Our group is SO enjoying this teaching” – Denise C, Michigan

“My 15 year old daughter ran away again during this study. I am so thankful that I learned to rely on God, that I can just give it to Him and have peace…total peace.” – Nancy W, California

“Biblical Womanhood has proven to be superior in facilitating a transformation in women like humility, generosity, faith, submission and leadership. Lisa Santagate has a grace, depth, and insight into God’s Word that comes through on every page.” – Debbie J, (Women’s Pastor) California

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