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Introducing The Men of Honor program

Introducing The Men of Honor program

Helping Our Youth Become UNSHAKEABLE

66 % of young people in South Africa woke up this morning without a daddy in their home. In some areas it is as high as 78%

“Fatherlessness produces lawlessness.” – Ed Cole

Casual Christianity Will No Longer Work

Like never before, a war is raging for the hearts of our young people. False ideologies are rampant and kids are often left to steer through the narrow channel of adolescence with the landmines of promiscuity, teen violence, and drug and alcohol usage on every side, without the benefit of a strong moral compass.

Kids are daily being forced to accept, acknowledge, and applaud what culture defines as the norm.  It often appears that popular culture believes right is wrong, wrong is right, and anything goes.

Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures

The casual Christianity that once worked will no longer stand up to this aggressive onslaught on values. What’s needed is positive peer pressure from youth who are not only convinced, but also convicted about living a life that brings honor to God.

Young people must be encouraged to live their lives in such a way that there is no doubt where they stand in order to avoid the sway of popular culture. Among these attributes are: a love of God’s word, a biblical worldview, a desire to pray, and a bold witness for Christ.

Since its inception in 2003, Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor has made significant impact in the public school system by reducing bullying and disciplinary incident rates. “We are very excited that our program reduced disciplinary incident rates by 40% for the entire school population and by 80% of those in the program within one school year, including drug use and bullying. We’re now being invited into other cities. The program and corresponding curriculum make a great character education component for after-school programs and also powerful discipleship program for churches.” Rorie said.

The program uses a strategy that includes camps, conferences, and weekly curriculum based meetings. Men of Honor curriculum consists of books, workbooks, and DVD’s written and produced by Tony Rorie and Dr. Edwin Louis Cole.

New requests are coming in on a regular basis to launch Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor groups in cities such as Jakarta, Indonesia – Ethiopia, Mongolia, Mexico, South Africa, and many others. A global revolution is beginning to revive chivalry and honor in the next generation. A hunger for righteousness and Godliness is stirring in the hearts of young men & women all over the world. We are excited about the upcoming opportunities that God is given to impact nations all over the world!

Malachi 4:6 “…And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Public schools are a lot like the weather – Everyone complains about it, but nobody is willing to do something about it!

Men of Honor & Ladies of Honor is about engaging students right where they are, in the public schools.  Beginning in Johannesburg area schools, the doors are opening wide for us to make a difference.

We have a narrow window in which to make a difference by instilling biblical values of Christ-like manhood, courage, compassion, integrity, and righteousness in the lives of public school students!

Get involved, contact us today!

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